The New Shape and Sound of F1

2014 marks some significant changes to F1 rules, and the beginning of pre-season testing means the unveiling of new cars. The McLaren Mercedes MP4-29 is one of those new cars. has a solid overview of the rule changes and what they mean, along with pictures of ten new cars. The site also has a great video overview. In short, the naturally aspirated V8 engines get replaced with V6 turbos complemented by ERS, or Energy Recovery Systems. Increases in fuel efficiency means fuel weight allowed will decrease to 100kg. There are some significant changes to chassis height, nose structure, aerodynamics, intakes and exhaust placement.

Some are calling the new nose shape the 'anteater,' and Andrew Benson, Chief F1 writer for BBC Sport went so far as to write "U.G.L.Y. spells radical redesign." Regardless of how you feel about the looks, the engineering and aerodynamics of F1 cars are simply mind-blowing.

Did you know an F1 car generates so much downforce, it could actually drive on the ceiling? What do you think about the new rule changes, and who's your pick for this year?