New Wheels

What's new in the Vault

We've recently added two new cars to our fleet. We're going to run down each of them, touch on specs and tell you what we love about each. We might even tell you what we've got our eye on next.

2017 Audi R8 V10

This is Audi's supercar. Based on the R8 LMS racecar, this all-wheel drive beast still manages to feel well-mannered and comfortable. It is one of the best mixes of hard core sports car and comfortable cruiser we've ever driven. It's fun to drive and still has a phenomenal fit and finish.

You might recognize it as Tony Stark's car from 'Avengers: Age of Ultron.' Hop behind the wheel and see exactly why the R8 V10 makes the perfect car for a superhero, or for that matter, anyone who wants to fly.

Transmission & Drivetrain

The V10 with cylinder on demand™ engine efficiency technology puts out 540hp @ 7,800 rpm and 398 lb-ft of torque at 6,500 rpm. This high-rev monster is a beefy alternative to the rest of the world's insistence on down-sized supercharged engines. That said, she's still light and nimble. The engine block and cylinder heads are aluminum alloy, shaving weight and improving braking distance.

The seven-speed S-tronic® dual-clutch automatic transmission quattro® is permanent all-wheel drive. This dual clutch transmissions gives you lightning-fast shifts and almost zero loss of power. It also adapts to your driving habits, answering with authority when you ask the car for more.


Get inside and things get comfortable fast. The three spoke flat bottom steering wheel feels great in your hands and puts several multi-function controls at your fingertips, including the drive mode selector that can take the car from well-mannered to outright hostile. And there's that cool red engine start button right there.

The digital gauges and Virtual Cockpit keep everything in view, right in front of the driver. As they say in the manual, it's fast, reliable, and fully digital. The Nappa leather interior with Anthracite Matte inlays let you know you're in an Audi.

How does she handle? Like a dream. Plenty of power, well-mannered when you need to play nice, and more grip than you imagine possible. The torque and power band readouts on the display tell you exactly what's going on under the hood, and when you put the gas pedal down, and the straight-line power feels amazing. This is quickly becoming one of our favorite cars to drive.

2016 Audi RS7

Car and Driver called the RS7 "one of the greatest performance sedans of all time." We like it too. And when you get in, you'll see this one's nothing to sniff at.

Drivetrain and Transmission

The 4.0L V8 puts out 560 hp @ 6600 rpm and delivers 516 lb-ft @ 1750 rpm. The 8-speed tiptronic automatic transmission sends power to the quattro® all-wheel drive system while the dynamic steering keeps her pointed where you want to go. The RS7 also offers multiple driving modes. The Audi drive select adjusts throttle response, transmission shifts and steering to suit your mood.

Behind the Wheel

The RS7 features the same flat-bottom leather-wrapped steering wheel as the R8, albeit with a few less buttons. Still, it manages to put most of the driver controls at your fingertips. You'll sit on Valcona leather wrapped 12-way power front seats. The MMI navigation plus system and state-of-the art driver aids include all kinds of technology like adaptive cruise control, lane assist, corner view camera system, and side view assist. The four-zone automatic climate control means everyone gets to pick their own temperature, no matter where they're sitting.

What's the driving experience like? Take a Lamborghini engine and stick it in a four-door sedan. That's how it feels. Audi fit and finish wraps up a performance car that goes faster and turns better than you'd ever expect.

What's up next

We're looking at a couple different options for what's next. It might be a Bentley Bentayga. It might be a new Porsche. We even kicked around the idea of a Mercedes. We'd love to hear your feedback. Use the comments field below to tell us which car we should consider adding.


Photos Courtesy Josh Hway of DynamicPhotowerks.